(୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Research diary;

I have been writing down my days continuously and also making notes of my dreams every day. Here I show some pages of my daily days. Dreams I rather keep private.

Kill your darling,

Hearing about the assignment I had no clue what to make or what to present. I knew I had to wait it out and see what happens. A couple of months went past, lots of personal development, and there it was. Getting to the last week of kill my darling deadline had me in a position of ensuring. I wanted to climb out of a well, and it would be best in the middle of the city. This climbing out of a well would symbolize a new chapter. A new balance. A new personal recipe.

At the end of the video, I reached my friend Rajiv. Rajiv has been a great teacher for me getting closer to myself and giving me great knowledge. Someone that got almost every answer to my questions. So, as I do I decided to ask Rajiv about this artwork that was bothering me. My darling. Rajiv made me realize and remember my darling and all my other artworks are just resources from the earth. Everything I work with is. Research about each individual resource and you will find their powers together.


Plans of research

Working mostly from intuition, dreams, and my surrounding it is hard for me to decide on what I'm gonna end up doing or do research on this next semester. Finding my own new artist routines/recipes will be something I will definitely research about. However, I did gather quite some new themes I would like to do research on. I would like to dive deeper into the power of healing through art. I would like to explore belief-systems and the materiality that comes with religions. Materialism in general and the connection towards objects themselves. Oh yes and something probably about nature of some sort.

words that stuck with me throughout time; re-mind and re-member.